Baba Sultan Köfteci, Luxemburger Str. 34

WARNING: delicious! Hello Döner fans. I knew you’d be back. Today I have a tale of the utmost deliciousness to recount. Let me lay the scene. Some family members had come to visit me. As every good host knows, when family come to visit it is only polite to show them the hotspots of the local area. You may be thinking Brandenburg Gate. You may be thinking Berlin Wall. And these would be good guesses. But I was thinking: kebab.

Baba Sultan: the place to be at 4am

Please don’t think that I didn’t first pad the evening out with other activities before ploughing straight into a kebab, Döner fans. Naturally I took my visitors to a few choice bars around Rosenthaler Platz in order to prepare the palate for what was to come. Once suitably in the mood we headed to Wedding, which as everyone knows is the best place to get decent Turkish food. The taxi driver dumped us outside the Baba Sultan meatball house and we gleefully stumbled inside.

Baba Sultan: interior shot of the VIP lounge

Forgive me for veering off topic a little. I understand that this is a blog about DÖNER and not about MEATBALLS. But variety is the spice of life, Döner fans! And the food at Baba Sultan was so good that I could not help but share it with you. I ordered an İnegöl meatball sandwich with salad and spicy sauce, and took a seat in the rear room with a steaming cup of Turkish tea. My guests did the same. After a jolly 20 minutes talking to the staff, my food was brought to me and what a delight it was!

Tea and meatballs at Baba Sultan

Let me start with the salad. This was not some cheap joint which served dried up lettuce and disgusting red cabbage. No, my İnegöl meatballs lay nestled on a bed of fresh rocket, onion, mint and other things too delightful to remember! The meatballs themselves were rich in flavour and nicely moist, while the bread was fresh and delicious. Washed down with Turkish tea, it was a fine repast. So profusely did I regale the staff with my gratitude that they were moved to offer us all another round of free tea. However, it had been a long night and we took our leave and slumped off to bed. A delicious way to finish the night – thank you, Baba Sultan! I’ll come again.

Prising open the vessel of pleasure

The Results

Service: 5/5 (very friendly and obliging)

Atmosphere: 3/5 (nice enough)

Price: 3/5 (a little pricey)

Taste: 5/5 (delicious!)


Watch out for the spicy sauce people, because Baba Sultan does not muck about! No joke. If you stagger in at 4am looking worse for wear and ask for the spicy sauce, then that is what they will freakin give you!