Hakiki – Müllerstraße 24

Hello Döner Fans. And Happy New Year. There are many reasons why Dr Döner does not post often. One of these being that he is too vintage/stingy to own a smartphone and must therefore rely on dining companions to take snaps, or either lug his own picture-taking apparatus with him each time he goes to buy a kebab. Please do not think that the lack of posts equates to a lack of döner being consumed, oh no! The truth is that on many occasions eating döner is a private affair: the quick kebab on the way home from work, the solitary lahmacun stuffed down hurriedly on the way to a party… Thus the backlog of unwritten reviews grows ever longer. However, on a sunny afternoon in February, I Dr Döner sought to rectify this matter by going out to eat kebabs armed with my very own camera. The following is what occurred.

The Sprengelkiez, where our tale takes place. Sadly vandalised.

As you can see the quality of the images has suffered. Anyway, I went to the Hakiki döner hatch, which nestles under one of Wedding’s many casinos. I have in fact visited Hakiki with my custom many times before but I have never bought one of their döners. No, I have always been drawn instead to their sumptuous halal Currywurst, which is a delight for all 5 senses. But upon the recommendation of a friend, I went out to sample their kebab. I was served by three men who seemed to be sandwiched quite uncomfortably into the narrow confines of their döner-hut without much elbow room. On previous occasions they have always been very friendly with me, so I will overlook their slightly indifferent demeanour on this particular outing. I ordered a döner and then juggled with my camera in order to take another atmospherically-blurred picture.

The Hakiki kebab hut - doing brisk business on a Saturday evening

The Sprengelkiez, which is the up-and-coming area in which Hakiki is fortunate enough to be located, is rightly known for its cuisine. It is a little like Kreuzberg, minus some of the fun. Anyway, I took my döner back to Döner HQ (my house) and consumed it in the Döner Lab (the kitchen). I hadn’t been expecting much, but I was very pleasantly surprised by my Hakiki kebab! I think it must have been the sauce: I ordered Kräuter and spicy, and one of them was especially delicious, earning the whole affair an extra döner-point from me. The salad was fresh and the meat was tasty. Well done, Hakiki! Dr Döner will return.

A clinical inspection underway at Döner HQ


Service: 3/5 (indifferent, but usually pleasant)

Atmosphere: 3/5 (stuffed under a casino next to a petrol station, but then again it’s not meant to be a restaurant)

Price: 3/5 (average)

Taste: 4/5 (delicious sauce!)

To Recap: What Have We Learned?

“hakiki” [ha-kee-kee] is Turkish for something like “the original” or “the one and only”. Fancy that!

Photography courtesy of Dr Döner