Back to business, Döner Fans. Yes Dr Döner is still eating kebabs like a demon, and today I have a tale for you which dates back a couple of months. If this blog were truly chronological I would have written it before Dedecan but alas, time escaped me. Allow me to begin. Some of my favourite colleagues and I were preparing to attend a well-known English comedy night one Tuesday in Neukölln, and yet there remained 3 hours between finishing work and starting the comedy. (‘Was Dr Döner performing?’ I hear you ask. No, he was not.) What is a man to do with such a length of time? Well I’ll tell you, Döner Fans: we went for a kebab. I bring you: Nefis kebab shop!

The enticing neon frontage of Nefis Restaurant, viewed from a cycle lane

Nefis is a Turkish word meaning ‘yummy’ or ‘scrummy’ so naturally I had high hopes. The kebab shop is located midway up Kottbusser Straße, a mere stone’s throw from Dr Döner’s place of work, and it enticed us in with its pleasant neon signage. It was clean inside. But my attention was caught by the extremely dark meat of the rotating kebab – to my eye it looked more like roast beef than lamb or veal. What was this strange creation? There was no chicken. Though hesitant, I ordered a dürüm and sat down with my colleagues to eat.

The dürüm - what is that strange and troubling meat?

The kebab itself was fine, though not one of Berlin’s finest. I have to say I was deeply puzzled by the meat, as its texture and flavour were quite different to what I have usually found in the kebab joints of Berlin. But it was tasty, if perfunctory, in its own way. The seating area inside was nice enough and the staff were cordial so I shall not complain. We ate our kebabs and then left for an evening of whimsical comedy surrounded by hipsters and expats, before parting and going our separate ways in the Berlin night. There was even time for a quick snap of Kottbusser Tor U-Bahn station on our travels, looking slightly less grubby in the photograph than in real life. That’s all for now, Döner Fans!

Kottbusser Tor - alight here for Nefis Restaurant, and other treats


Service: 3/5 (fine)

Atmosphere: 3/5 (nice enough)

Price: 3/5 (standard)

Taste: 3/5 (so-so)

To Recap: What Have We Learned?

“nefis” [neff-eece] (yummy)

P.S. I am sad to announce that I have revisited Dedecan Gemüsekebab since writing my review and was met with disappointment. They had changed their sauces and staff, and the kebab I received was less well stuffed and lacking in flavour. The chicken too was slightly mushy. I will have to go back sometime again soon to see if things have been rectified, for Dedecan of all places has earned a chance to redeem itself. Just a word of warning, Döner Fans!

Photography courtesy of Mr B Lawson