Snackwagen, Amsterdam Sciencepark

Hello Döner Fans. Sorry to leave you hanging so long. Dr Döner has finally adjusted to his new home for the year and is now BACK in ACTION. That’s right, Dr Döner is in Amsterdam! Now, let me introduce you to a new delight I have discovered. Every country has its own take on the döner (some better than others) and in the Netherlands they have come up with something quite special, and they call it Kapsalon. Which literally means ‘Barber Shop’ in Dutch. And it is very tasty! It is a layer of Dutch frites covered in a layer of kebab meat covered in a layer of cheese covered in sauce and salad. It’s like a punch in the heart.

The Kapsalon in all its glory. Get me on that!

While exploring my local area near the Amsterdam Sciencepark, I came across a cosy looking little hut on wheels bearing the tempting words ‘Snackwagen’. The Snack-Wagon had caught my attention! I approached and promptly ordered a Kapsalon, about which I had heard great things. A very cheerful man served me and it turned out – lo and behold! – he was from Istanbul! Our friendship was immediately established. In any new city it is expedient to find a friendship group, Döner Fans. And in Mr Fuat of the Snackwagen I had found my first taker. He chatted away about his holiday in Turkey where he had seen many interesting things (it was in Turkish so I filled in the gaps with guesswork) before announcing that just for me he had made an extra big Kapsalon. ‘Yes, you will not want to eat again for two days!’ he said proudly as he handed it over for the sum of 5 Euros. I wasn’t sure if it was a promise or a threat!

The Snackwagen by day, before the meat hits the party fan. Nobody knows where he goes during the day.

I have to say, when I tucked into my Kapsalon back at Döner HQ, I was in seventh heaven. Fuat Bey had crafted a delicious repast to satisfy body and soul, and Dr Döner was indeed satisfied. For 5 Euros I was as stuffed as I have ever been. The only slight disadvantage of the Kapsalon is that it takes so long to make, since the frites have to be deep-fried and the whole thing has to sit in the oven for a while so that the cheese melts. But I will certainly be visiting the Snackwagen again very soon! Well done, Snackwagen – Dr Döner is a convert!


Service: 5/5 (very friendly and warm)

Atmosphere: 3/5 (cosy)

Price: 3/5 (dearer than döner)

Taste: 5/5 (delicious)

Photography taken by Dr Döner.