The Döner Company, Rotterdam Centraal

Dr Döner has been in crisis, Döner Fans. He has not had enough döner in his system. Various things have come between him and the hot, meaty snack that we all know and love. One problem is that Amsterdam does not have as many kebab shops as Berlin, and one must sometimes go out of one’s way to find a suitable purveyor. Thus it was that Dr Döner found some kebab in Rotterdam Centraal train station while waiting for a connection.

The seedy glare of "the doner company" viewed from the station concourse

What was Dr Döner doing in Rotterdam, I hear you ask? Well I don’t like to brag, but I had been returning to Amsterdam from Brussels after a high-octane business trip to the European Commission. I had been trying to force döner up their agenda. Anyway, travel was interrupted in Rotterdam and my travelling companions and I took the opportunity to procure a quick and dirty snack. Our eyes were drawn to the eerie glow and wafting odours of The Döner Company, and we hurled ourselves into its meaty embrace. I myself ordered a Large Döner with chilli and garlic sauce, making sure to refuse the red cabbage which inexplicably was offered as part of the salad. Only a charlatan eats red cabbage, Döner Fans! Also, a large jalapeno was slapped into the midst of my kebab – something that would never happen in Berlin, but which I deigned to try nonetheless, since one must always be open to new culinary experiences.

Grease oozes into the paper as the kebab disgorges its prized juices

We hurried to the train and consumed our kebabs noisily in the quiet coach, much to the displeasure of our fellow passengers. The döner meat was succulent and moist with a good flavour and the salad and jalapeno complemented it nicely. The chilli and garlic sauce were flavourful, but somewhat parsimoniously applied, leading to one or two complaints that the overall kebab was a little dry. However, perhaps due to the fact that I had been deprived of the ‘meaty mistress’ for so long, I have to say that the sudden reintroduction of döner into my system left me riding a döner-high for some time after I had finished it. Yes, Dr Döner enjoyed his purchase and is hungry for more! Watch out for more reports of the underground Dutch kebab scene coming soon. The kebab shops of Amsterdam will be sought out with renewed vigour, and their wares consumed with febrile gusto. Dr Döner is coming to a kebab shop near you!


Service: 4/5 (mistaking me for a German, the cheerful vendor engaged me in some jolly banter while crafting my kebab)

Atmosphere: 3/5 (a bit glaring and plasticky)

Price: 3/5 (more expensive than Berlin, but standard for the Netherlands)

Taste: 4/5 (very tasty)

Photography courtesy of Ms. D. Vasilj