Capadocia Kebab, Anspachlaan 42, Brussels

Hello again, Döner Fans. Recently I was visited by friends from everyone’s favourite soon-to-be-former EU Member State, the UK. I do still maintain some contact with the motherland, tenuous though it may be. In any case, one does not simply visit Dr Döner without going for a kebab. And as such, following an evening of drinks and risqué badinage at a well-known Brussels beer bar, it fell to me to slake the meaty lusts of my visitors upon the greasy altar of vertical meat bi-product rotisserie. I give you: Capadocia Kebab!

Capadocia Kebab beckons you in with two strange and ghostly children.

On entering, I launched forth a cheery ‘iyi akşamlar’. It was not cheerily received. The orange-clad meat-warriors behind the counter did not seem enthused by our custom. Taking this snubbing of my Turkish on the chin, I ordered a dürüm for the higher-than-usual price of 5 Euros.

The orange-clad meat-warriors of Capadocia carve their livelihood from glistening cliffs of meat.

We colonised a group of tables and the food was brought to us. Pleasingly the meat-to-salad ratio in my dürüm was high, and the glistening brown matter worked well with the sauces and salad to satisfy my aching beer-fuelled hunger. It was one of the meatiest kebabs I’ve had in a while. Perhaps it was a little over-priced at 5 Euros, but then we were eating slap-bang in the centre of Brussels, and not in some quiet corner of Saint-Josse.

Capadocia's abundance of meat, and some tomatoes of various pleasing shapes.

While the staff at Capadocia showed little interest in our table, one of the orange-clad gents did spend a lot of time trying to chat up a nearby table of girls. I didn’t catch the specifics of the conversation, though I think he might have been trying to tell them about his motorbike. He was robustly unperturbed by the girls’ clear lack of interest. Indeed, being female appears to work to one’s advantage in Capadocia, as one of the ladies in our group managed to wangle a free can of Jupiler out of the serving staff, for reasons which were never quite made clear.

The meaty interior of my kebab, with the free can of Jupiler in the background.

All in all it was a solid, if not outstanding, performance from Capadocia Kebab. I wouldn’t go out of my way to visit it again, but nor would I be disappointed if I ended up back in its orange clutches in the future. So if you are cruising down Anspach Boulevard late one night, do pop in and sample the cuisine. And see if you can get a free can of lager out of the staff as well.

So long, Capadocia. May your neon lights forever glimmer on these murky Belgian streets.


Service: 2/5 (very masculine)

Atmosphere: 3/5 (meh)

Price: 2/5 (5 Euros for a dürüm? Ich bitte Sie.)

Taste: 3/5 (exquisitely meaty, if that is what you like)

Photography by Dr. Döner