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Welcome! I am Dr Döner: your guide to fast food in Berlin. Throughout my blog I’ll be taking you through the various kebab hotspots of the German capital, and offering advice on the best places to dine out on döner. Over the years I’ve eaten my fair share of kebabs, and now I’ve decided to put my gluttony to good use in the form of this blog. Thus, much as the humble kebab is forged against a hot grill and made from ground-up meat products, so have I ground up my experiences and warmed them slowly for your delectation, slicing witty anecdotes from the great, rotating meat-stick of life and serving them between two slices of wise Turkish pide.

I suppose some of you might be wondering about who I am, why I’m in Berlin, and why I eat quite so many kebabs. Well, I live in Berlin because my line of work has taken me here. I’m originally from the UK, but a varied career has led me to live in various other countries. It was actually while slumming it in Istanbul that I first discovered the meat-flavoured vessel of vice that is the kebab. It was also there that I picked up a smattering of useful Turkish phrases. Knowing a bit of Turkish is always handy when ordering a kebab, and sometimes it gets you a free one. Sometimes elderly men will feel moved to buy your kebab for you. But more on that later.

The blog will mostly recount my experiences of eating kebabs in Berlin, for which I will provide graded comments on things like taste, presentation, friendliness of staff, atmosphere, and cleanliness. I should point out that these ratings are entirely subjective, are not official, and do not carry any kind of expert nutritional or hygiene value. They are simply my thoughts on individual kebabs. I will aim to be fair in my assessments, and I will normally allow any place a second chance if the first experience has proved disappointing. The blog will also hopefully contain various snippets of trivia on all things fast food-related, such as a brief history on the origins of the kebab for example. Hopefully these nuggets of knowledge will help you enjoy Berlin’s best-loved nibble a little better.

As your Turkish kebab vendor might say to you as he hands over a fresh döner: “afiyet olsun!”

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  1. Can’t wait to learn more! I am not an aficionado of kebabs but am prepared to learn from an expert in the field. Mahlzeit!

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