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Hello Döner Fans. As we all know, company parties are an opportunity to break down social barriers and swim out into the open waters of the ill-thought-out remark and the ill-advised lock-in. Often they are events on which one reflects with a mixture of horror and confusion. A few months ago, Dr Döner found himself attending just such an event. It was a warm April night. Things had been going well at the party, although the buffet had been eaten up and tummies were a-rumbling. Requests for more food were being voiced. It seemed that if sustenance was not forthcoming then the night would soon be taking a downward turn. But it was then that one colleague reported seeing a newly-opened kebab joint just up at Kottbusser Tor! As döner aficionados it behoved us to sample its wares. Leaving the battered remains of our company premises behind us, we set off for… Efi’s Deli!

Efi's Deli, viewed from the bike rack

Efi’s Deli is conveniently located right next to Kaisers at Skalitzer Straße 136, allowing swift access when disembarking the U-Bahn in urgent need of a kebab. You might ask yourself why the authorities approved the opening of Efi’s Deli at that precise location. Kottbusser Tor needs another kebab joint like you or I need a third nipple. Anyway, we were in no mood to quibble and couldn’t resist the brand new neon sign nor the generous opening discount of 2,50€ a döner. We gladly huddled inside and placed our orders, and I myself asked for a döner. The staff seemed to be employing some new-fangled ordering system involving numbers and tickets, much like you will find at the Bürgeramt, though they were much friendlier than the people you will usually find inhabiting the Bürgeramt. We sat down to enjoy our meals.

Red onion is always a sign of a classy kebab

A nice thing about Efi’s Deli is the freshness of their salad: I was delighted at the crispness of the cucumber and romaine lettuce that straddled my kebab meat. The sauces too were juicy and flavoursome and the meat was tender on the tongue. With a sprinkle of chilli flakes and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, it was truly a fine meal. The interior of the restaurant was somewhat bare but very clean and had a sort of concrete charm about it, which is nicer than the sticky plastic vibe that you get in some döner shops. The seating was comfortable, and with the generous opening prices, I would say it was well worth a visit. Well done, Efi! Dr Döner will be back!

The dregs of the company party, placing their orders


Service: 4/5 (friendly)

Atmosphere: 4/5 (quite pleasant for sitting)

Price: 5/5 (cheap opening offer, though this will not last)

Taste: 4/5 (very nice)

Photography courtesy of Ms. S. Clarke

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