ALEXA Shopping Centre, Alexanderplatz – Fatih Servet

Friday 27th July. It was a hot day. I had taken my lunch break at 1pm and had headed to the ALEXA shopping centre to buy a birthday present with some colleagues. Everything was going well – I had managed to shake them off while they looked at bath salts in the Body Shop, allowing me to wander to the food court in search of sustenance. It was busy. There were people everywhere. When suddenly my eyes alighted on a joyous sight, a diamond in the rough, a kebab shop. Its name was Fatih Servet.

ALEXA Shopping Centre

The decision took less than a matter of seconds. I had to have one. Forcing my way through the heaving crowd, I approached the twin meat-sticks of pleasure (1 chicken, 1 unspecified meat) and placed my order. Chicken dürüm, garlic and chilli sauce, all salad minus red cabbage, price: 3,50€. I waited. I paid. I ate.

Example of a Fatih Servet Establishment

I don’t know whether it was the heat, or maybe just the fact that I hadn’t eaten in a while. But something about that kebab touched a point within my soul. Juices dribbled across my face, hands and chin but I cared not. It was delicious. I finished it once I was back in the office.

A Fatih Servet kebab similar to that eaten by the author.

The hand shown in the picture above is not my own. It belongs to a colleague who also purchased a dürüm at Fatih Servet that day. I ate my own dürüm too fast to take a picture. It was just that good. (She chose normal meat, herb sauce and full salad, and apparently it was also extremely tasty.) Well done, Fatih Servet!

The Results

Service: 3/5 (friendly and efficient)

Atmosphere: 2/5 (busy shopping centre)

Price: 3/5 (standard)

Taste: 4/5 (very tasty)

Trivia: “Servet” means “treasure”. “Fatih” means “conqueror”. It is also a common Turkish name. Fatih Sultan Mehmet was a 15th century Ottoman sultan, famous for conquering Constantinople in 1453 and making it the capital of the Ottoman Empire. Feel free to astound people with this fact at parties – you don’t even have to credit me with it. You’re welcome, Döner fans!

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