An example of chicken dürüm from Alexanderplatz

Yesterday I had a really nice kebab which I got from Alexanderplatz. The kebab shop is located in the underpass which leads to the U-bahn, close to the steps which lead back up to the main building, and I often eat there because it’s on the way home from work. I usually buy a ‘chicken dürüm’ (the connoisseur’s choice) – standard order is garlic sauce and spicy sauce, with all salad except the red cabbage. At this particular kebab shop they also add feta cheese on request, which counteracts the spiciness of the sauce nicely. At €3,50 altogether this is fairly standard-priced. The staff are generally friendly and the service is quick and efficient. One thing to watch when ordering chicken is that it tends to be less in demand than normal ‘döner meat’, which sometimes means that chicken which has already been sliced might have been sitting there for a while and has gone a bit dry and crusty. So WATCH OUT, döner fans. Yesterday I deviated from my standard choice and got a chicken döner instead of a chicken dürüm, and was slightly disappointed to learn that the cheese does not come free with the döner. Cheese is only free with the dürüm. Apart from that the meal was very satisfactory though. Results are below (each score is out of 5).

Service: 4/5 (friendly and efficient)

Atmosphere: 2/5 (busy train station, not meant for its atmosphere)

Price: 3/5 (standard)

Taste: 4/5 (very tasty)

4 thoughts on “Alexanderplatz

  1. Very funny. Are you really going to eat your way across the whole city? Can’t wait for the next installment of Dr Doner’s travels

  2. I was this afternoon at the same kebab house at Alexanderplatz. I ate a “chicken döner” for 3 euros. I agree with your appreciations, but the service wasn’t friendly at all! Here are my results:
    Service: 2/5 (not friendly but efficient)
    Atmosphere: 2/5 (you can eat it outside, nice place)
    Price: 3/5 (standard for Berlin)
    Taste: 3/5 (standard for Berlin)
    Have fun eating kebabs!

  3. I don’t agree with your scores… I went there on Sunday and this was one of the worst kebab I had in Berlin. I got a chicken döner too with garlic sauce. First, the sauce was really weird, the color was green and really liquid with dill on it… (usually isn’t like this). The meat wasn’t that good too (my friend had a regular döner and she told me that the meat was really fat)..and the veggies not so fresh. My results would be:
    Service : 2,5/5 (the guy was efficient and spoke english which is a good point, but was a bit unkindly)
    Atmosphere : 1/5 (it’s a train station as you said…)
    Price : 2,5/5 (standard price but you have too pay an extra of 0,50 € if you want feta in your döner)
    Tasty : 1/5 (not tasty at all, it’s the first time I was dissapointed in Berlin)

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