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Hold the phone, Dr Döner has gone international! Fans of the blog from places as far away as Oxford have been sending in images of themselves posing with kebabs, and my God why shouldn’t they! If there is one thing to be said about the döner, it is its ability to bring together people of all races and religions and unite them in their love for fast and greasy meals. Behold the joys of the döner in action:

Two fans pose with their ill-gotten gains outside Hassan's Oxford kebab van

Committed readers of this blog will recall my anecdote whereby, in Oxford, some charlatan of a kebab-man fried my salad before my very eyes. This crime was so egregious that I was left speechless. The trauma has meant that I am to this day unable to recall whether it was at Hassan’s kebab van that this occurred or not. It may well have been.

A lady balances her felafel while stepping aboard a moored punt

This is not really döner, but it was bought from a döner purveyor and thus demonstrates the diversity of fare that you can come across at your average UK kebab van. If you would like to be featured in a post like this then don’t forget to send in your own photos, Döner Fans!

Photography courtesy of Ms. G. Andrejeva

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