The World’s Largest Kebab (Dünyanın en büyük döneri)

The Largest Kebab

Breaking news, döner fans – the Aba Piknik kebab team in Ankara just smashed the world record for the largest ever döner. At 1198 kg this is a truly monstrous creation, looming in all its meaty glory over Ankara’s Youth Park (Gençlik Parkı). It has been officially entered into the Guinness Book of Records as the largest kebab ever.

An example of an Aba Piknik restaurant

After being weighed and measured, the 5 metre high tower of meat was served up for free to spectators in the park. The giant kebab apparently cost the lives of seven cows. Was it worth it? Who can say for sure. In any case, the kebab has now been entirely consumed and the only evidence left is a few glistening images from the internet. Rumours persist of an even bigger kebab built in 2005, however, which was erected at Melike Döner restaurant somewhere along the road from Bursa to Mudanya – this legendary meaty monolith is said to have weighed 2698 kg, which is surely a creative feat of insane proportions. It is not clear whether this will also get an entry in the Guinness Book of Records. But one thing is for sure: I wouldn’t like to be caught under either of them if they fell over. This is Dr Döner, bringing you the biggest kebab-related headlines from around the world. Eat safe.

The winners gather around their creation

Tebrik ederim Aba Piknik! (Congrats to Aba Piknik)

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