What is a Kebab made of?

One thing has haunted Döner eaters since the dawn of time. Even the most passionate of fans will have been struck by doubt, in the dead of night, by the question: what animal have I just eaten? It does not help matters that in Istanbul you are offered a choice of “tavuk” (chicken) or “et” (meat) since this leads only to the question of “which meat, exactly”? The type of animal is often undisclosed.

Is it one of these animals?

You can convince yourself that it is most likely lamb or veal, rotated against a hot grill until it loses all semblance of its former shape. If this forestalls a sleepless night, then so be it. But for many of us this wishful thinking will not suffice… Plagued by the question of where the meat comes from, we toss and turn, sweating like a Döner on a stick, unable to drift off. But hark! These nights of insomnia are over: images have surfaced from the internet and it has been ascertained that the kebab does in fact come from the legendary “kebab animal”! It looks like this:

A myth no longer.

So there you have it. No longer will you be afflicted by doubt: this wild and voracious beast is the source of all your meaty pleasures. Farmed in secret facilities, it is the principal provider of Döner throughout the kebab-eating world. You’re welcome, Döner fans!

To Recap: What Have We Learned?

“tavuk” [ta-vook] (chicken)

“et” [et] (meat)

Images sourced from: www.brettspiele-report.de and aitorysustxorradas.blogspot.com

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