Australia Day Kebab, Saturday 26th January

A haven in the night

Happy New Year, Döner fans! And, I should add, Happy Australia Day. For it was upon Australia Day that the events of this blog post took place. Let me lay the scene. We had enjoyed the atmosphere in one of Berlin’s premier sports bars near Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, where we had celebrated the Aussie occasion in style. It came to around 2am and the bar decided to close and throw us out, so we headed into the night in search of kebab meat. We all know that only kebab meat can allay the aching desire in our bellies, Döner fans! Heading down Torstraße through the ice and snow, our eyes alighted upon the refulgent gleam of a neon sign bearing the words Grill und Schlemmerbuffet. We approached with glee.

Who knew what delights awaited us within...

Stepping inside, we were confronted with a wealth of choice and I duly placed my order, indifferent to the fact that nobody else wanted a kebab. I ordered a lahmacun with meat and salad, all smeared with a healthy portion of chilli and garlic sauce. A feast for both body and soul, I’m sure we’d all agree! We plonked ourselves down at a handy table to enjoy the repast, entertaining each other with tales of the evening and witty anecdotes to pass the time.

A meat-stick of glory

The lahmacun was soft and pleasant on the tongue, and the meat was moist and flavourful. I would relate more, but alas my mind grows hazy as I try to recall the exact details. Suffice to say, the meal was satisfying enough to prolong the evening for a pleasant half hour as we soaked in the atmosphere of the Grill und Schlemmerbuffet, before ploughing on for another few hours in a neighbouring bar. Needless to say, the hero of the hour was the sole Australian in the group who, I am told, was the last to leave the aforementioned bar. A fitting end to Australia Day. Happy Australia Day, Döner fans!

An example of some tasteful décor


Service: 3/5 (fully satisfactory)

Atmosphere: 3/5 (slightly seedy)

Price: 3/5 (standard)

Taste: 3/5 (very satisfying)

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