Kebab Shop Next To Asia Gourmet

Greetings, Döner fans. Drizzle has hit the fair city of Berlin, filling the air with a damp melancholy. As we all know, the main remedy for rainy-day blues is to purchase a kebab and eat it. As soon as those mysterious flavours alight upon our tongues the veil of clouds is parted, and the clear blue skies of Döner heaven open out above us. It was in such a frame of mind that I embarked upon the hunt for a kebab.

Brandenburger Tor

Döner Heaven is about to break through the clouds

Upon the recommendation of a colleague, my kebab crew and I went to ‘the kebab shop next to KFC’ at Alexanderplatz. The entrance to this particular döner joint is through the door for Asia Gourmet. A narrow wall divides the two establishments. We filed in to the rather tight space inside the kebab shop and placed our orders. We were told to get into the right place in the queue. The staff seemed to be in quite a rush and were under a bit of stress. We received our orders quickly, but without a great deal of friendliness, and then exited the shop and went back out into the drizzle.

The kebab and the kebab shop

The kebab and the kebab shop

I bought a Turkish pizza or “lahmacun” [lah-ma-joon] with all three sauces and full salad, minus the red cabbage. Shockingly there was NO CHICKEN at this establishment so I was forced to eat the unidentified meat (see previous post) that is ubiquitous in such kebab shops. However, there were also many types of pizza available, so I suppose that makes up for this seemingly flagrant oversight. I consumed my kebab when we got back to the office.

The kebab mid-consumption, and a woman's legs

The kebab mid-consumption, and a woman's legs

I did not receive any money from Coca Cola for the above image. The kebab was very tasty. Moist and flavourful, I was fully satisfied with my purchase. The staff were not the friendliest and the kebab shop was fairly cramped, but the food itself was filling and enjoyable. At 3,50€ the price was fairly standard. The scores are below:


Service: 2/5 (not particularly friendly)

Atmosphere: 1/5 (claustrophobic)

Price: 3/5 (standard)

Taste: 3/5 (fairly tasty)

That’s it for now, Döner fans. Have a great weekend!

non-original image sourced from creative commons

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