Photograph Yourself With A Döner

You heard damn right, Döner fans. Just take a snap of yourselves eating/holding/enjoying a kebab and send it in. See yourself on the site! Get famous! Make friends and go places! It all begins with a flash of the camera. Just send your picture in an email to and your dreams could come true. I look forward to your entries.

This boy sent in a picture of him and his kebab - and he's LOVING it!!

Look at this meat-muncher tucking in to his dürüm - bon appetit!

This cheeky monkey sent in an action shot of him chomping down on his dürüm

Two smokin hot chicks hold up plates of equally tasty spiced kebab meat in Hasır

These happy hipsters show society who's boss

Two late-night kebab-munchers smugly flash their dirty gains at the camera

This is quite an arty picture. It opens many questions. Who is that man in the background? What is he writing? Will we ever know?

A local Amsterdam celebrity tucks into his Turkish pizza and chicken.

This cheeky pair sent in a photo capturing "a wonderful moment" for their tastebuds. Lekker!

A "loyal fan" (and a well-known Dr Döner regular) sent in this snap from Istanbul Plaza in Amsterdam. Always good to hear from my regular readers! Apparently they ripped her off by 5 cents too. I'm sure it still tasted just fine

This bearded and bespectacled lover of the meat-log sent in not one but TWO pictures of himself with a kebab!! A 'before and after' shot, if you will, right in the thick of the action. Look at him enjoying his feast in these two artistic snapshots. Bravo that man!

This bloke is eating a vegan kebab in Hamburg, and as such he only got onto the site due to his close family connections...

Here we have an old comrade of Dr Döner's from the "rock-and-roll" Berlin days of 2009. That gleam in his eye marks him out as a faithful muncher of the meat-log whose kebab appetite is second to none. In this artistic shot he has chosen to wash his kebab down with a Staropramen. Na zdravi!

This man has bitten off more than he can chew. In his eyes we see the dawning realisation that he cannot swallow this much meat in one go. And so, now he gazes into the middle distance, and thinks on the folly of life.

When visiting an establishment for the first time, it is always best to position oneself within sprinting distance of the WC. Thus this clever pair of dashing kebabaholics enjoy their döner outside the toilets. They affect an air of nonchalance, but one can detect from their manic grins and unshaven jowls that their only thought is on where they will get their next kebab fix.





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