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That’s right, you read correctly: Dr Döner is looking for döner inspiration! Do you have a favourite kebab shop that you would like reviewed? Do you have a kebab experience that you want to share? Do you have anything kebab-related to say that nobody would listen to in real life? Then this is the page for you! Yes indeed: you can now affix your requests to this specially-created page in the hope that I, Dr Döner, will grace your chosen kebab-vendor with my custom. See your favourite kebab shop mentioned on the blog! It’s that simple! Just write the address and any other comments on this page, and I’ll do my best to comply with your wishes. So what are you waiting for. Do it now!

3 thoughts on “Suggest A Kebab

  1. Hey Dr Döner,

    I gave this link to a friend of mine:

    And she recommended me a better Döner, very close to this one.
    Let me quote her:

    “The name of the Doner place is Servet Kepap. It’s on the same side of the street as Baba Sultan Kofteci (we’ve also eaten there and it’s not bad, but that extraordinary either), just a few meters down the street. The place is the ONLY one with a big electronic red sign, the type that has scrolling letters. It’s also just a take away place, not an inside eating type, so you are served through a window and there are no tables and chairs inside.”

    Wanna check it out?

    I just found out about it, so it is on my TODO list as well. ;)


    PS: Awesome blog idea, btw! :D

  2. i LOVE the falafel (yeah, i’m vegetarian) near U1 gorlitzer bahnhof. it’s on the north side of skalitzer, i think it’s called “falafel” …. delicious and normal prices, like €2,50 or whatever. the veggies are ripe and tasty, and there’s some kind of mint or secret fresh herb to make it stand out from the rest mash’Allah, it’s the best in berlin!

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